Founded in 2011, Tandem Media | Tandem Studios is a full-service photography and film studio located in Jacksonville Beach, FL. We offer professional photography and corporate/commercial/feature film services to businesses and executives; entertainers including actors, models, musicians, dancers, athletes, etc.; students and families. If you can imagine it, we will create it – Concept to completion. 

Current Special

In Person Acting Classes are Back at Tandem Studios



We’ve loved working online with passionate actors committed to honing their craft even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. But nothing beats in-person, truly interactive acting instruction and learning. That’s why we’re excited to restart acting classes at Tandem Studios in Jacksonville Beach.

  • 4-Session instruction in Tandem Studios’ Biomechanic Acting / The B.R.A.V.O. System

  • New actors receive 1 free headshot

  • Just $300

*Please note that masks will not be worn during sessions as they impede learning. If you are uncomfortable in group setting without masks, 1-on-1 coaching is available at $100 / half-hour.


Studio Rental

Monthly and as-needed studio rentals available to photographers, filmmakers, content producers, instructors, etc.

  • 1,500 square feet of creative space

  • Climate controlled

  • 14′ x 12′ x 14′ infinity wall

  • Access to lighting gear

  • Dressing room

Boost Your Game

Hone your skills and accelerate your acting career with this innovative system that focuses on the five primary elements that make a performance believable: Breathing, range, adaptability, vulnerability and obligation. Learn why the long-revered Stanislavsky Method falls short and how you can use this new system to nail your auditions and set you apart from those competing for the roles you want. Class sessions typically are four weeks.
Four-session class that delivers the foundational information you need to begin developing your filmmaking career. Topics include writing and production; acting for film; lighting, audio and visual theory and equipment; and post-production.
As an actor, you're essentially an entrepreneur. That's why the savviest in the business approach developing and promoting their acting careers just like any other business out there. Class sessions cover a range of topics including developing and promoting your brand; building the social media following and web presence that today's casting directors are looking for; tips for self-booking; and the legal and ethical pitfalls that can tank a career before it even gets started.
Can't get to Jacksonville Beach for in-person classes? No worries. Online, one-on-one training with veteran actor and director Jason Radcliffe are available no matter where you are. Need help learning to cry on cue? Want to improve your improv skills for auditions? Got a challenging upcoming role and need help developing your character? We'll tailor training according to your particular goals. It's a great way to continue honing your acting skills through the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.
Don't be just a GWC (Guy/Gal With Camera). If you're new to photography or just want to boost your skills, Tandem Media offers periodic one-day courses on the basics of mastering your DSL camera, plus studio time for practice.