ACTORS – Ready to get back into action? We’ve spent a year of working together from behind the screens, so we’re ecstatic to finally return to live, in-person acting classes at Tandem Studios!

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has been an unprecedented struggle for everyone, but for many, time away from the workplace meant time freed up for pursuing passions that had long taken a back seat to the daily grind. Among those taking advantage are actors who continued to hone their skills via online acting courses.

“Those most committed to their craft are the ones who didn’t let the situation take them out of the game and instead, used the time to up their game,” says Tandem Studios Director Jason Radcliffe. “I’ve been impressed and inspired meeting new actors from all over while instructing online. But there’s just no substitute for in-person, interactive training.”

Welcome back!

Here in Florida, most pandemic-related restrictions lifted, so, Tandem Studios is relaunching its Biomechanic Acting | The B.R.A.V.O. System classes at its Jacksonville Beach film and photography studio this summer. This proprietary approach teaches actors how to create authentic, believable characters without suffering for your craft. You’ll become a highly effective actor that producers and directors want to hire.

New to acting or ready to update your marketing materials? You’ll get one free headshot with your class purchase.

Not quite ready to unmask? Please understand that participants will not wear masks during class as they impede learning. We will limit the number of participants per recommendations of trusted health professionals. And, we’ll have hand sanitizer available. If you’re uncomfortable with unmasking in a group setting, opt for 1-on-1 instruction. It’s available for $100 per hour.

The details… In-Person Acting Classes

The summer session of the Biomechanic Acting | B.R.A.V.O. System instruction includes four weekly in-person acting classes held on Tuesday nights. Fee is $300. Contact us for more details.