End of the Road Sizzle Reel

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Based on author Tim White’s memoir, At the End of the Road: One Man’s Journey from Chaos to Clarity, this film takes a gritty, honest look at the realities of drug and alcohol addiction and the mind of an addict.

“The sound of the steel doors, rolling metal on metal, rang in my ears as I lined up with the other inmates incarcerated in the Duval County Jail,” he writes. “Here I was again, locked up, this time for violation of probation in connection with petty theft charges I’d racked up in the throes of another drug and alcohol relapse. At 31 years old, I’d been locked up in jail or prison, drive into detox and addiction treatment or lost on the streets for most of my life.”

END OF THE ROAD delves into Tim’s story and asks hard questions: Can a person change? Can the determined truly move beyond a devastating childhood? Or is it sometimes too late?


April 6, 2020

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